Breeding Norwegian Forest in Scotland

Breeding Norwegian Forest cats in Scotland, UK

Old Possum has moved back to Scotland to the area where she was born, started school and spent most of her married life. 6 of her 7 children were born in perth. Old Possum have moved into a converted stable yard and coachman's house with a small garden and 7 acres unfenced mostly woodland. The house is on a large estate and is 1 mile from the main road down a private drive - wonderful for the outdoor neuter cats, hens guineau fowl and doves but tricky in the winter if there is much snow. Cat enclosures are all made very professionally by Protectapet and cat chalets with electric lighting and heating. Old possum has cut down on breeding but still plans one or two litters per year. Most of her cats are neuters now enjoying the great outdoors with a cat flap to the kitchen and Aga which they love!

The name "Old Possum's Practical Cats" is taken from T.S.Eliot's book of verses - which includes "McCavity's a Mystery Cat..." on which the now world-famous musical "Cats" is based. I'm told the name doesn't particularly suit Norwegian Forest Cats but in this book are cats of character, courage, beauty, intelligence, ingenuity and adaptability - good friends for life - my "Cats"! Breeding Norwegian Forest cats in Scotland, UK




Old Possum's Quinoa has two boys, one rd blotched tabby with white and one cream with no white.  
Elvdal Kir has 4 kittens with Versace, nicknamed the `Liquorice Allsorts! 
There is one black and white male kitten and three tortie girls. One is largely black mackerel with a small amount of red and white. Two are tortie Harlequins with both black and red patches on heads, bodies are white and tails mackerel. These kittens are three weeks old now.

Old Possum's Morar has four kittens, one girl with small amount of white, two red and white boys and a pale cream 
?silver boy now also about 3 weeks old.

Apologies from Old Possum. She has been in hospital and is now recovering at home but has not been able to keep the kitten page up to date. She hopes to make a start on it soon.

Old Possums Quinoa has two lovely red blotched tabby boys. Birth weights 150 and 146 g Mother and babies are doing very well. More photos soon.

The larger boy, YURI with the white tail tip, is reserved for 6 weeks.
The smaller boy, currently called YORRICK, is also reserved now for 6 weeks. He is a  slightly paler red with less white but also beautifully marked. 
Both kittens at 2 weeks weigh over 400g. 

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