Breeding Norwegian Forest in Somerset, UK

Breeding Norwegian Forest cats in Somerset, UK

Breeding Norwegian Forest cats in Somerset, UK Old Possum is now in an old house in a village in Somerset, South West England - a big upheavel after 25 years in the mountains of Tirol, Austria. The cats travelled wonderfully well and accepted their new home very quickly. Sadly it was only possible to bring 5 breeding cats and five Old Age Pensioners, and a lot of cat organisation was needed. Lennart is now happily in his own house and enclosure in the orchard. The first electric "Pet Fence" proved no deterrent, but a new 50 meter long fence from America is so far totally Houdini proof! His devoted neuter friend Twiggy spends most of her time with him. Bertie is at home in the Studio also with a new outside enclosure and a borrowed neuter boyfriend for company. Three litters of kittens have arrived since the removal which have somewhat restricted the house renovations! One Norwegian girl, Kelty (a sister of Old Possum's Aros) will stay at home,. Old Possum plans to cut down on breeding to have more time for the human family both in England and Scotland.but will not retire completely just yet!

The name "Old Possum's Practical Cats" is taken from T.S.Eliot's book of verses - which includes "McCavity's a Mystery Cat..." on which the now world-famous musical "Cats" is based. I'm told the name doesn't particularly suit Norwegian Forest Cats but in this book are cats of character, courage, beauty, intelligence, ingenuity and adaptability - good friends for life - my "Cats"!



Kitten Photos at last!

Photos of Morar and Versace's kittens on Kitten Page at last!

Kittens are now 9 weeks and had their first vaccinations today and health checks.  All are well and the boys both have 2 testicles

Valda, female, and her brother Verdi, are available
Photos below

Breeding Norwegian Forest and British Shorthair cats in Somerset, UK

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